3rd Conversational AI:
“Today's Practice and Tomorrow's Potential”

NeurIPS 2019 - Workshop



In less than a decade, conversational systems have become commonplace. Every day, millions of people use natural-language interfaces such as Siri, Google Now, Cortana, Alexa and others via in-home devices, phones, or messaging channels such as Messenger, Slack, Skype, among others.  At the same time, interest among the research community in conversational systems has blossomed: for supervised and reinforcement learning, conversational systems often serve as both a benchmark task and an inspiration for new ML methods at conferences which don't focus on speech and language per se, such as NeurIPS, ICML, IJCAI, and others. Such movement has not been unnoticed by major publications. This year in collaboration with AAAI community, the AI magazine will have a special issue on conversational AI. Moreover, research community challenge tasks are proliferating, including the seventh Dialog Systems Technology Challenge (DSTC7), the Amazon Alexa prize, and the Conversational Intelligence Challenge live competitions at NeurIPS (2017, 2018).

Following two successful NeurIPS workshops:
        2017: 9 invited talks, 26 submissions, 3 oral papers, 13 accepted papers, 37 reviewers

        2018: 4 invited talks, 42 submission, 6 oral papers, 23 accepted papers, 58 reviewers,

we are excited to continue promoting cross-pollination of ideas between academic research centers and industry. The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners in this area, to clarify impactful research problems, understand well-founded methods, share findings from large-scale real-world deployments, and generate new ideas for future lines of research.

This workshop will include invited talks from academia and industry, contributed work, and open discussion. In these talks, senior technical leaders from many of the most popular conversational services will give insights into real usage and challenges at scale. We will end the day with an open discussion, including a panel consisting of academic and industrial researchers.

Invited Speakers

  1. David Traum (USC)

  2. Y-Lan Boureau (Facebook)

  3. Alan Ritter (Ohio State University)

  4. Ryuchiro Higashinaka (NTT)

  5. Zhou Yu (UC Davis)



Call for Papers

We invite you to submit your contributions (submission page) in the area of conversational AI by October 1st 11:59 PM EST in NeurIPS style with maximum of 8 pages excluding the references. You can add supplementary material in addition to 8 pages, but reviewers are not required to review the extra material (e.g. your paper should stand on its own without the supplementary material).  Notifications will be sent out by November 21st. Selected papers will be presented through invited talks or posters. Maximum allowed size of posters is 36 x 48 inch (91 x 122 cm). Notice that our workshop is not archival. However, accepted submission will be hosted on this website similar to last year’s workshop. Given authors concern around posting their submissions to arXiv the organizing committed decided to lift the anonymity requirement for our workshop. This means the anonymity will be optional and decided by the authors. Hence, you can post your submissions to arXiv. For further questions, feel free to reach out to co-chairs through email.

Important Dates

Submission:                              1st October 2019 11:59 PM EST (link)

Notification:                             1st November 2019

Camera Ready:                        14 November 2019

Registration:                             see NeurIPS website

Workshop:                                13th or 14th December 2019

Vancouver Convention Center, Vancouver CANADA 


9:00-9:10        Opening Remarks

9:10-9:40        Invited Talk:

9:40-10:10      Invited Talk:

10:10-10:30    Poster Blitz

10:30-11:00    Coffee Break / Hangup Posters

11:00-11:20    Contributed Talk:

11:20-11:40    Contributed Talk:
11:40-12:10    Invited Talk:

12:10-1:50      Lunch Break

1:50-2:20        Invited Talk:

2:20-2:40        Contributed Talk:

2:40-3:00        Contributed Talk:

3:00-3:50        Coffee Break / Poster Session

3:50-4:10        Contributed Talk:
4:10-4:30        Contributed Talk:

4:30-5:25        Panel / Open Discussion - All Organizers (submit questions here)

5:25-5:30        Closing Remarks

Questions for Panel

Accepted Papers - Talk

Accepted Papers - Poster

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Program Committee